My path to photography

Inspired by literature and television reports of various animal reporters and the urge for perfection in detail I started with photography a few years ago.

Initially I was fascinated by nature and animal photography. After several safaris with different cameras the desire for pictures with higher resolution and thus more details grew.

During a trip in 2018, I met Emiliano Leonardi, a professional photographer with whom I have done numerous workshops and thematic works to this day. Because of growing enthusiasm for photography, I completed my studies in photography in 12/2022 as Certified Photo Designer at OfG. I combined this studies with »intensive photoshop« and nude photography at OfG.

I began photography with cameras by Agfa, Minolta and Canon. By using compact cameras such as Leica V-Lux; Nikon Coolpix and Sony RX 10IV I improved my skills. Meantime I utilize full format cameras like Nikon D850; Nikon Z9; Nikon Z6II with Nikkor, SIGMA ART, Tamron and Zeiss lenses.


Online Schule für Gestaltung - Fotografie / Intensivkurs Technik und Gestaltung

Today, I can’t imagine life without photography.